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DISCOVERING | Big Bluegills & Historic Snowstorms

Episode 66 - Ice fishing a tiny lake for giant bluegills when we still had decent ice in December. Bass angler and guide Connor Baccus even reeled ...

January 1, 2024


DISCOVERING | Fall Smallmouth Bass Fishing

Episode 58 - Fall smallie fishing with Brian Clairmont of BAC Guide Service and his buddy Jody Korch. Catching 20" smallies on the Menominee River....

November 6, 2023


DISCOVERING | Ice Fishing for Trout | Maple Bourbon Lake Trout Recipe

Episode 17 - I met up with Steve from the Saturday Sauna Night podcast for a couple days of ice fishing for trout on a couple stocked ponds & lakes...

January 9, 2023


DISCOVERING | Trolling a Backwoods Brook Trout Lake by Kayak | Copper Country Strawberries

Episode 44 - A successful catch & cook brook trout fishing mission with Steve Hooper. Steve catches the biggest brooke trout I've ever seen in real...

July 24, 2023


DISCOVERING | Great Lakes Fishing Decree & Wolf Trail Cameras

Episode 56 - I talk to Dave Caroffino, MDNR Fisheries Tribal Coordination Unit Manager, about the 2023 Great Lakes Fishing Decree, the newest fishi...

October 23, 2023


DISCOVERING | Atlantic Salmon Fishing in DeTour & Atlantic Salmon Stocking at LSSU

Episode 42 - The U.P. has world-class sport fishing for Atlantic salmon thanks to the Center for Freshwater Research and Education at Lake Superior...

July 10, 2023


DISCOVERING | Camp Nesbit & Brown Trout Stocking

Episode 35 - We visit Camp Nesbit in the Ottawa National Forest during camp week for 6th grade students in the Western Upper Peninsula. Kids learn ...

May 22, 2023


DISCOVERING | WI Women Fish on Little Bay De Noc | Ice Climbing at Pictured Rocks

Episode 21 - Climb on! Since it's right here in the U.P., I wanted to try ice climbing so I roped in the TV6 morning news crew, and the Michigan Ic...

February 6, 2023


DISCOVERING | Stocking Splake in the Porcupine Mountains | Ice Fishing for Splake and Musky

Episode 29 - We follow the Michigan DNR as they stock one of the most remote lakes in Michigan; Mirror Lake in the heart of the Porcupine Mountains...

April 3, 2023


DISCOVERING | Mushroom Food Plots for Whitetail Deer | Atlantic Salmon Fishing

Episode 50 - Learn all about whitetail deer and mushrooms and step by step how to create a mushroom food plot with Matt Williams of Shiitake Creek ...

September 11, 2023


DISCOVERING | Tournament Fishing on Lake Superior with Finn Spoons | Field Judging Black Bears

Episode 49 - Tonight we fish the annual South Shore Women's & Kids Tournament with the Finn Tackle Company team, three generations of anglers who c...

September 4, 2023


Brook Trout Fishing at Bond Falls

Fly fishing for brook trout at Bond Falls on the Middle Branch of the Ontonagon River in the fall with 71-year-old Marty Kiepke.

September 14, 2022


DISCOVERING | Spring Prespawn Smallmouth Bass Fishing in the Keweenaw

Episode 36 - An awesome day of spring prespawn smallmouth bass fishing in the Keweenaw Peninsula with guide Connor Baccus. We caught a ton of fish!...

May 29, 2023


Lake Gogebic Jumbo Perch - Ice Fishing

Ice fishing for jumbo perch on Lake Gogebic with Justin Soffa of Just Fish Guide Services.

September 15, 2022


DISCOVERING | 2022 DNR Wolf Survey | Teal Lake Ice Fishing Derby

Episode 23 - Interview with Michigan DNR Wildlife Biologist Brian Roell about the results of the 2022 Wolf Survey. We talk numbers, carrying capaci...

February 20, 2023


Discovering Snapshot | Trout Unlimited Stream Restoration on the Trout Creek

Trout Unlimited Stream Restoration on the Trout Creek. Check out this giant culvert to help the brookies swim upstream! Watch the whole story here...

December 28, 2023


DISCOVERING | Backpacking & Brook Trout Fishing the Fox River

Episode 54 - What started as an adventure to follow Ernest Hemingway's footsteps and fish and hike the Fox River Pathway, turned into a 3-day, 27.5...

October 9, 2023


DISCOVERING | Jimmy Houston in the U.P. & Richard P. Smith's New Book & Deer Eating Mushrooms

Episode 48 - Tonight we have a couple outdoor legends on the show! Outdoor writer Richard P. Smith talks about walking with whitetails and the mush...

August 28, 2023


DISCOVERING | Lake Trout Fishing on Lake Superior with Rainbow Charters

We're on two lake trout charter fishing trips. One from last year with Rainbow Charters out of Grand Marais, and another one from over 10 years ago...

August 21, 2023


DISCOVERING | Trout Unlimited Stream Restoration & ATV Camping to Michigan State Parks & More

Episode 46 - First up we take an ATV camping trip to Twin Lakes and Baraga State Parks in the Western Upper Peninsula. This is one of the MI-TRALE ...

August 7, 2023


DISCOVERING | King Salmon Fishing x 2 | 2023 Black Bear Hunting Regulation Changes

Episode 41 - King salmon fishing on Lake Michigan with Yooper Outdoors #906 plus a few behind the scenes clips of my own king salmon fishing trip t...

July 3, 2023


DISCOVERING | Fin Fatale | Keweenaw Boat Tours

Episode 40 - I join the Fin Fatale team for the Keweenaw Bay Classic, the only all-female boat out of 141 boats entered in the tournament. See how ...

June 26, 2023


PFOS in Smelt & Smelt Consumption Advisory Interviews

For tonight's "Discovering" episode on the rainbow smelt decline and consumption advisory I interviewed an expert on the chemical contaminants PFAS...

May 16, 2023


DISCOVERING | Lake Superior Smelt Decline & 1800's Log Dam Trout Habitat

Episode 34 - Tonight we talk to experts about the decline of the rainbow smelt population in Lake Superior, the consumption advisory on them and wh...

May 16, 2023


DISCOVERING | Abandoned Radar Base in the Keweenaw | Walleye Fishing the Bay of Green Bay

Episode 33 - We tour the abandoned Calumet Air Force Station, a Cold War era radar base tucked away on top of a mountain in the Keweenaw Peninsula....

May 1, 2023


DISCOVERING | Early Spring Walleyes on the Menominee River

Episode 31 - It's great to be back on a boat! We hit the Menominee River on the border of the U.P. and Wisconsin as soon as the ice was off, for so...

April 17, 2023


DISCOVERING | Fish Habitat & Salamanders & Snow

Episode 27 - A variety of stories from across the U.P. for you today! First we talk about the upcoming blue-spotted salamander migration in Marquet...

March 20, 2023


DISCOVERING | Lake Gogebic Perch Fishing with The Fallen Outdoors

Episode 24 - On a mission to catch jumbo perch with The Fallen Outdoors, an all-veteran, nationwide, volunteer organization that connects veterans ...

February 27, 2023


DISCOVERING | Navy Vets Ice Fishing

Episode 19 - On the ice with a group of Navy veterans and friends for a successful weekend of walleye and pike fishing in the Curtis area.

January 23, 2023


Walleyes for Breakfast

Back on the ice in Curtis, Michigan for an early morning of walleye fishing with Yooper Outdoors #906

December 15, 2022


DISCOVERING - River Camping, Trout Fishing & Michigan DNR Updates

Episode 006 - Dad and I do an overnight trip along a river for some camping and fishing. A great backdrop to cook up some bear burger from my bear ...

October 24, 2022


DISCOVERING - Fly Fishing for Trout

Episode 005 - Brian is back with a great show. Join Chris and Jason from Caddis Shack Guide Service for a day of river fly fishing for trout.

October 17, 2022


DISCOVERING | Fall Lake Trout on Lake Superior & Fall Color ATV Ride

Episode 3 - A successful evening of fall lake trout fishing off the coast of the Porcupine Mountains and the 2022 MI-TRALE Fall Color Senior Ride, ...

October 3, 2022


King Salmon Fishing with Yooper Outdoors #906

King Salmon fishing in Lake Michigan with fishing guide and captain John Rahn from Yooper Outdoors #906

September 15, 2022


Spring Trout Fishing with Keweenaw Charters

Fishing with Travis and Jane White of Keweenaw Charters for early spring trout along the Lake Superior shoreline.

September 15, 2022


Curtis Elementary Ice Fishing Day

John Rahn of Yooper Outdoors takes 100 elementary kids ice fishing for a day and shows them how to clean a northern pike.

September 14, 2022


DISCOVERING | Lake Gogebic Walleyes

Episode 68 - Chasing flags on ice-covered Lake Gogebic for walleyes plus a few bonus jumbo perch. Guide Justin Soffa and crew give us some tips on ...

January 15, 2024


DISCOVERING | Fishing with Women on Ice | Finding Shed Antlers

Episode 70 - On the hard water with Wisconsin Women Fish & Women on Ice here in the U.P. The group's theme for 2024 is "up it up a notch" to teach ...

January 29, 2024


DISCOVERING | Backyard Bird Count, Ice Fish Little Bay de Noc & Sauna on the Shores of Lake Superior

Episode 73 - A mixed bag of stories tonight! Dad and I take part in the Great Backyard Bird Count (I didn't do a great job). Ice fishing Little Bay...

February 19, 2024


DISCOVERING | Curtis Kids' Fish Coop - 1,000+ Rainbow Trout Under the Ice!!

Episode 74 - It wouldn't hurt us to go to Curtis, and the Curtis Lions Kid's Fish Coop, where 1,000+ rainbow trout are stocked under the ice for ki...

February 26, 2024