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DISCOVERING | 2022 DNR Wolf Survey | Teal Lake Ice Fishing Derby

Episode 23 - Interview with Michigan DNR Wildlife Biologist Brian Roell about the results of the 2022 Wolf Survey. We talk numbers, carrying capaci...

February 20, 2023


DISCOVERING | 2023 Aerial Moose Survey | Youth Trap Shoot Competition

Episode 39 - I talk to the Michigan DNR about the results of the 2023 Upper Peninsula moose survey and the area they survey. Plus I went up in the ...

June 19, 2023


DISCOVERING | Camp Josh Bear Hunter | Great Blue Heron Release

Episode 52 - Bears and birds! First I visit Camp Josh in Ontonagon County to talk to a successful bear hunter about her hunt and experience at Camp...

September 25, 2023


2023 Great Lakes Fishing Decree Interview

My full interview with Dave Caraffino, Tribal Coordination Unit Manager for the Michigan DNR, about the 2023 Great Lakes Fishing Decree that was si...

October 24, 2023


DISCOVERING | Great Lakes Fishing Decree & Wolf Trail Cameras

Episode 56 - I talk to Dave Caroffino, MDNR Fisheries Tribal Coordination Unit Manager, about the 2023 Great Lakes Fishing Decree, the newest fishi...

October 23, 2023


DISCOVERING | Jimmy Houston in the U.P. & Richard P. Smith's New Book & Deer Eating Mushrooms

Episode 48 - Tonight we have a couple outdoor legends on the show! Outdoor writer Richard P. Smith talks about walking with whitetails and the mush...

August 28, 2023


DISCOVERING | DNR Fish Shop & 2022 U.P. Deer Harvest Reporting Results

Episode 18 - A visit to the DNR Fish Shop in Crystal Falls to see what the fishery techs are up to in the winter and how they determine the age and...

January 16, 2023


Michigan DNR 2022 Deer Harvest Report | Interview with the DNR

I talked to Chad Stewart of the Michigan DNR Wildlife Division about the preliminary results of the 2022 deer harvest in the U.P. and the new manda...

January 16, 2023


Discovering - Building Golden Winged Warbler Habitat

How landowners are creating habitat for Golden Winged Warblers in the Western Upper Peninsula. Discovering episode from 2021.

September 21, 2022


Wildlife Babies in the U.P.

A look at some spring wildlife babies in the U.P.

September 15, 2022


DISCOVERING | Cougars in the U.P. | Arctic Grayling Stocked in U.P. Waters

Episode 69 - 24-year-old hunter, Eli Schaefer captured what is probably the most incredible cougar video ever captured on a trail camera, right in ...

January 22, 2024


DISCOVERING | 2023 Deer Harvest

Episode 72 - I sit down with Chad Stewart of the MI-DNR Wildlife Division and a few sportsmen to talk about the 2023 Deer Harvest which could very ...

February 12, 2024


DISCOVERING | Backyard Bird Count, Ice Fish Little Bay de Noc & Sauna on the Shores of Lake Superior

Episode 73 - A mixed bag of stories tonight! Dad and I take part in the Great Backyard Bird Count (I didn't do a great job). Ice fishing Little Bay...

February 19, 2024


DISCOVERING | Wildlife Habitat Part 1

Episode 75 - What is the state of our wildlife habitat today in the U.P.? What did it used to be? And where are we headed? For insight into these q...

March 4, 2024


DISCOVERING | Deer Habitat Part 2 | Youth Distinguished Expert

Episode 76 - Part 2 of our Wildlife Habitat story where we take a look at a habitat work-group planting conifers in a northern hardwood stand for w...

March 11, 2024


DISCOVERING | Beaver Trapping Under the Ice

Episode 77 - We learn where and how to trap beavers under the ice using a variety of trap sets. This mild winter has made it easier for trappers to...

March 18, 2024


DISCOVERING | Beaver Trapping (We're checking traps and losing ice fast!)

Episode 78 - We're checking those traps we set last on last week's episode, plus a couple more days of checking traps under the ice on warm winter ...

March 25, 2024


DISCOVERING | Nonesuch Mine in the Porkies | Crane Count & Bird Tips

Episode 81 - We explore the ruins and learn the history of one of the most fascinating copper mines, the Nonesuch Mine in the Porcupine Mountains W...

April 15, 2024