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Episode 59 - John Voelker had a deer camp. John Voelker was a Michigan Supreme Court Justice, lawyer, avid fly fisherman, and author of "Anatomy of a Murder" and multiple other books set in the U.P. under then pen name Robert Traver.

Built in 1896, his old camp still stands today and even though there's more moose than deer in this neck of the woods, the current camp members keep the U.P. deer camp tradition alive each year.

I visited Bill, Ryan, Mike, Mark and their 4-legged best friends Arnie, Grace and Gertie to listen to stories of the big bucks that got away, tidbits from the old Voelker logbooks and what the tradition of deer camp means to them.

Historical Photos of John Voelker:
Jack Deo/Superior View:
Richard P. Smith:

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Video Length: 20:17

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